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I’m a San Francisco based product designer currently working for an educational tech company. I have over 8 years in various design fields - including children’s illustration, educational toy design, textile, and visual design.

Learning about the UX design process has given me a completely new perspective on what being a designer is all about. It helps me give meaning and purpose to the things I design, and has taken my creativity and potential to a whole new level. I believe that good design should not only look great, but also be usable and empower people to reach their goals.

I’m also up for collaboration opportunities, and am eager to partner with companies and individuals that value teamwork, creative problem solving and prioritize peoples needs. Feel free to check out my resume and reach out if you’d like to connect or say hello!

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  • Jambori
  • Roller Buddy
  • Bee Fresh


The Challenge

There are approximately 2,108,000 musicians in the United States. Every year the number of musicians is rising but currently there isn't a platform to help them meet other musicians for collaboration or to network. I conducted research, using both interviews and surveys to understand the challenges they face.

Key Challenges:

  • Beginners don’t know where to look for jamming events and to connect with other musicians.
  • Currently, most musicians play with people they already know and often don't get the chance to play with new people who they don't know.
  • When they jam with musicians they don't know they often encounter problems such as different skill levels, musical styles and genre interests, which is a big pain point.
    A lot of time is wasted during jamming sessions as they figure out what to play.

The Goal

Based on the pain points I discovered in research, the goal for the app was to enable musicians to easily find nearby jamming sessions based on their current location and availability in a hassle free way. My challenge was to find a solution enabling musicians to find engaging jamming sessions with musicians who have similar interests and skill levels.

I also had to create an application which added significant value to the musicians, so they would continue to return to use the application when arranging jamming sessions.


I created two personas based on the
research and interviews - one for
beginners and the other for advanced

Application Map

I mapped out the application
map of Jambori. The six Categories are
the main focus of the app.

User Flow

Based on research, user flows and wireframes
were define the flow and interaction of the
application, in order to create a smooth journey
for musicians.


UI Design

The visual language of the design
should be clean, bright and lively
so that it’s friendly and welcoming
to musicians.


During sign up (onboarding/when creating
a profile), musicians choose their favorite musical
genre, the instrument they play and their location/
availability so other musicians can search
for their jam session based on their need.


Musicians can see jams
happening based on their
location, dates, and music


Once the creator of a jam approves a request,
musicians can see the address and gain access to
discussion forum. They can also create their own
jam sessions easily.


Musicians can easily connect with other musicians nearby
or based on their musical preferences. They can connect with
eachother using built-in chat features.

Jam Library

Musicians can browse Jam Library for
inspiration from suggested playlist.
In-app player is available.

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Roller Buddy

It is a supplement app for roller derby fans to keep in loop with their favorite league, what is happening in the rollder derby world. Also for those who are new the app helps them to learn about the sports.

As of 2016, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association counted 381 Full Member Leagues and 66 apprentice leagues. Active derby participants nationwide are estimated in the tens of thousands, and they all have friends and family. Only a relatively small portion of derby spectators are aware of the rules and subtle tactical intricacies of the sport. While there is a “rules” app for referees and coaches, a “minimum skills” app for novice participants, and penalty timer apps for those administering an event, there are no apps for derby spectators.

The goal is to create an app that is comprehensive for fans to keep in a loop of their followin leagues news and schedule, and also to help them connect with other roller derby fans. Still today, there are many people who never heard of roller derby in their lives. So it’s important to keep them in mind and how the app can keep them engaged to sports and convert them to fans in one point.

For a more understanding of the roller derby and to be familiar with the sport, I visited local derby leagues to observe the game and talked to pro skaters to know their insights because they also started as a fan, their experience was very valuable to this research. I also made a note of my experience too since this is my first time watching the game. I also interviewed derby fans from social media to hear their thoughts.I created persona based on behavioral patterns in the data I collected from research.

Application map splits down to two major paths. One for people who are new and one for fans of roller derby.

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Bee Fresh


Beefresh is a fictitious grocery franchise based in the United States. Although their customer satisfaction ratings have remained constant over the last 4 years, their market shares have decreased by 8% each year. If they continue at this rate, they'll be forced to shut their doors. Through market and user research, they've determined that this decline is likely due to the increase in online grocery ordering & delivery products.

User Research

I interviewed 5 people at local grocery store and survey about 10 participants for the research. The answers were divided: some of them were positive towards online grocery shopping because they didn’t like spending their time in grocery shopping or too busy to shop while some are concerned about delivery time and qualities of fresh items.


Based on information from my user research, I’ve created simple persona to base my decisions on.

Competitive Analysis

I also performed competitive analysis to explore the problem space and Beefresh’s competitors to take a look at how other services are solving the problem and determine what gaps could be taken advantage of.

Sitemap & User Flow

To begin structuring Bee Fresh content, I conducted a quick card sorting exercise, by providing participants with common grocery items and asking them sort it into their own categories. Then I created simple site map structure of beefresh for my next step. I also created user flow to identify the paths that a user would take to add items to his cart, check out, and sign up.


After the sitemap & userflow, I quckily made some rough wireframe on paper then used sketch for mid fidelity wireframe. I used design patterns to develop the wireframes for Instashop. Then I also did wirefreame version for responsive mobile.

User Testing & Affirnity Map

I created an interactive prototype in InVision to test my design on other and see what could be approved or any confusion they might come across. After I gather all the data, I created affirnity map to see the big picture.

UI Design

Once I had revised my wireframes based on user testing, I started workingon the UI design. My keywords for designs were fresh, healthy, vibrant, and organic. Roboto and open sans fonts were chosen for clean and legibility. A bright fresh palette of yellow, tangerine and green with an accent of red was chosen to align with the clean, minimalist look.

Final Screens

Based on in-person and online user testing, I created the final home page responsive UI design with changes from the wireframe prototypes.

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